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Take you into the rubber foam technology

date: 2016-12-06 source: Century creation

  Rubber foam technology is one of the advanced means of processing rubber, such as rubber foam board is through the rubber foam technology so that the rubber has a special performance. This rubber foaming technology can make the rubber molding, reduces unnecessary manual labor, save cost, easy and convenient to operate. Foam rubber is what quality problem? The following list is for you.
  First common problem is found after the foam foaming hole is not enough, it will make to produce rubber foaming plate heat preservation and heat insulation effect reduced. The second common problem is may be due to insufficient harmony charming bright insufficient filling mould. The third problem is foaming hole uneven, some of the foaming hole big some foam hole is small. The fourth question is after vulcanization too or lacking. This will make the production of rubber foam board quality problems.
  On rubber foaming process, problems are inevitable, but there is a must find a way to solve the problem.
  Rubber foam equipment daily maintenance is the key
  Rubber foam board is a kind of low water absorption, sound-absorbing noise reduction and heat insulation effect is very good plate, are widely used in the field of construction, decoration is more, this kind of product, the manufacturer of the production equipment should also be concerned, the following daily maintenance work of the equipment.
  Rubber foam equipment daily maintenance are mainly composed of inspection and cleaning. In terms of inspection, mainly in its work is checked before its various parts are in good condition, wear in severe cases where need to be replaced in a timely manner. In addition, some necessary maintenance agents such as still need to use, such as lubricating oil and so on, these are in order to can reduce the wear between the parts. At the time of equipment operation and test the current and voltage, so as to avoid working in failure, affect production. In terms of cleaning, mainly because of working long hours can produce some dust, etc., at the time of equipment to stop working, with the brush or cloth to wipe the can, if you use wet cloth to wipe, must remember to cut off the power supply.

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