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The origin of rubber vulcanization

date: 2016-12-06 source: Century creation

  Vulcanized rubber by crosslinking of the raw rubber, form a three-dimensional network structure, the preparation of the basic process of vulcanized rubber. Different curing system is suitable for different raw rubber. With rubber (raw rubber) as the main body, to a variety of auxiliary materials and the synthesis of the body, (auxiliary materials have several big system, filling reinforcing, sulfide, protective, joining agent, plasticizing, special substance) and sulfide is coated insulating layer or sheath layer of a process, its purpose is to let the vulcanization system of auxiliary system, make the rubber crosslinking, increase flexibility, reduce plastic permanently. Vulcanization of noun is for the first time is therefore calls vulcanization of rubber crosslinking with sulfur, used today.
  Rubber vulcanization system
  Unsaturated rubber Usually use the following several kind of vulcanization system.
  With sulfur, organic disulfide and sulfur, thiazole, diphenyl guanidine, zinc oxide and stearic acid as main vulcanizing agent. This is the most common vulcanization system. But the vulcanizates was prepared by hot oxygen aging resistance is not high.
  Alkyl phenolic resin.
  , halide (such as for polybutadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber perchloroethane), six chlorine - for xylene.
  Bifunctional reagent, [such as quinone, diamine, azo and phenyl azo derivatives (for butyl rubber and ethylene propylene rubber)].
  Double maleic imide, double acrylate. Two valence metal acrylate (methyl acrylate), polyether acrylate.
  Used for saturated rubber vulcanization of organic peroxides.
  Saturated rubber, rubber vulcanization of different kinds of saturation can use different vulcanization system.
  , vulcanized epdm, use with unsaturated organic peroxides crosslinking reagent, such as triene propyl different melamine urea acid ester (vulcanizing agent TAIC).
  Also can use when, vulcanization silicone rubber organic peroxides. When vinyl silicone rubber vulcanization in catalyst (Pt) under the conditions of participation. 

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