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The principle of rubber foam and is used for mixer mixing

date: 2016-12-06 source: Century creation

  Foam rubber bottom is made of natural or synthetic rubber rubber obturator or opening foaming materials to lay a foundation of the fabric. In half a century ago, people will be a lot of this material is used in shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, liberation shoe, casual shoes, etc. It has good elasticity, good tear resistance, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation properties.
  Solid rubber foam sponge rubber production, its principle is to add people to the selected rubber or add to foaming agent and foaming agent in curing temperature decomposition of foaming agent release gases, surrounded by a rubber foam pore 'raise sponge rubber expansion. Decision and the main factors influencing the bubble pore structure are: gas evolution of the foaming agent, gas diffusion velocity in the rubber, rubber viscosity and curing rate "is one of the most critical gas evolution of foaming agent, produce the gas velocity and rubber vulcanization rate matching.
  Foaming agent gas evolution and decomposition rate of blowing agent in the gas evolution refers to the unit mass of foaming agent is completely released by decomposition gas volume in the standard condition, the unit is mL/g. The speed of the breakdown of foaming agent is to point to in certain temperatures' a certain quality of unit time decomposition of foaming agent release the amount of gas. Due to the polymer itself does not change the decomposition mechanism of foaming agent, so they don't gas evolution test in polymer foaming agent.
  Influence on both the matching of the formation of bubble hole and structure. If the decomposition rate of blowing agent or rubber vulcanization rate difference is too big, can't cooperate, not foam.
  In order to achieve both match, make better rubber products, select foaming agent varieties and rubber vulcanization system is the key. There are two methods:
  A according to the curing temperature is appropriate to the choice of the decomposition temperature and foaming agent, and then according to the decomposition of foaming agent on the curing temperature speed to adjust the speed of rubber vulcanization, such as using delayed accelerator and other promoters and vulcanization system, adjust the dosage of the promoter can be used to adjust the curing rate;
  Second, in the case of vulcanization system to determine, according to the curing speed selection foaming agent varieties and appropriate particle size. Particle size of the foaming agent is to determine the one of the most important factors of foaming agent decomposition speed. Particle size decreasing, the increase of specific surface area of the particles, and heat transfer efficiency, the decomposition speed is accelerated, therefore can be adjusted by selecting the appropriate particle size of the foaming agent to the decomposition of foaming agent balance between speed and rubber vulcanization. In addition, strict control of particle size distribution of the foaming agent is the key to obtain both hook bubble hole.

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