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Process of rubber foam products

date: 2016-12-06 source: Century creation

  In recent years, along with the vulcanization agent, antiscorching agent, such as material appear constantly, shorten, rubber vulcanization time performance is further improved. So far, from the original formula development of rubber based formula to modernization, the rubber performance has been significantly improved. This formula can cure, but it takes a long time, rubber performance is poor; For rubber products in the current study of rubber foam products is especially important to study the cooperation and process.
  An overview, foam rubber products
  Foam rubber products with rubber as base material, the use of physical foaming and chemical foaming method for production, spongy rubber porous structure is obtained. This technology in the current has been widely used in the production of industry, such as car doors and Windows sealing strip, cushion, construction gasket, seismic material, sports protective facilities, etc.
  Second, rubber foam products analysis
  Rubber foaming products is more and more widely applied in the current society, in the process of making and production and thermoplastic foam are worlds apart, it exists a vulcanized crosslinking speed and foaming agent decomposition speed matching problem. That is to say, a foam rubber material success except with crosslinking speed there is a close relationship, the vulcanization process of rubber materials and the decomposition of foaming agent when the principle of basically the same, is a produce an extension of the corresponding resistance to gas expansion wall process.
  Third, the processing technology
  1, the molding
  The essence of raw rubber plastication is made of rubber macromolecule chain rupture. To improve the plasticity of the rubber mixing processing compound mixing and easier. In the preparation of foam rubber products, rubber plastic, the better, the easier it is made uniform, density is small, small shrinkage rate of the products. Therefore sufficient raw rubber to plastication.
  2, parking
  Rubber in the mixing after, be sure to put enough long time, generally to park 2 ~ 4 h, make all kinds of additives in the mixed fully dispersed in rubber, rubber additives dispersed more uniform, the stability of the product size, smooth surface, bubble uniformity, the better.
  3, temperature,
  Rubber foam is sensitive to temperature. The same kind of rubber, foaming effect under different temperature conditions. Because the foaming system and the vulcanization system of temperature sensitive degree of different, change cure temperature to adjust the matching problem of vulcanization system and foam system.
  4, molding
  Rubber molding method of foam products are: extrusion molding, molding, plate molding methods. EPDM foam products commonly used extrusion molding, NBR with the mould.
  Four, conclusion
  As a functional polymer material, with the development of science and technology, the purpose of the rubber foaming products will be more and more widely.
  In the later development process should pay attention to the following questions:
  (1) research and development with energy saving, low pollution of foaming agent to make rubber foam products;
  (2) calcium bicarbonate type inorganic foaming agent in the foaming agent, safety and health should be increased in with organic foaming agent and its dosage;
  (3) solve the problem of vulcanization rate match the foam will continue to be the focus of the foam products research and development;
  (4) foaming technology research also nots allow to ignore.

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