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The characteristics of rubber foam materials

date: 2016-12-06 source: Century creation

  Different rubber foam materials variety, performance, application and its widely, the existing foaming materials are divided into closed-cell foam material and opening foaming material two kinds big. Closed-cell foam materials between the internal hole and dip hole wall film is separated, not interconnected, bubble pore structure for independence. And mainly for small bubble hole shape or extremely tiny pores.. Bore hole foam material inside the bubble and bubble between mutual unicom, with the outer skin is connected, is a independent bubble pore structure, mainly for the larger bubble hole or coarse.
  Based on the different characteristics of the materials show, mainly summarized as the following aspects:
  A. Temperature tolerance, has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, can be very big - 60 degrees and + 150 degrees Celsius temperature range of use, we are processing it into a foam material, also have these features, but also has high temperature resistant, flame resistant, oil resistant, chemical corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, so make it has a special place in the various kinds of synthetic rubber. Shock, shock absorption, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant can be used in automobiles, home appliances, machinery products buffer shock absorption, ships, trains, packing packing, air conditioning and other internal as supporting materials.
  2. Insulation characteristics: as the foaming material contains a large number of air or other gases, and is unfavorable and circulation, especially closed-cell foam material, has completely separated by independent bubble hole, material can obviously reduce of heat conduction, has the extremely low coefficient of thermal conductivity, combined with the material itself more flexibility, and good resilience, can become the central air conditioning pipe, construction, chemical industry pipeline, road construction such as the ideal thermal insulation material;
  3. Sound-absorbing sex: it is well known that sound wave took the form of vibration in the air, when the sound waves meet porous materials, vibration to the internal transfer, friction with the complex internal bubble holes, impeded, the energy attenuation, so the sound waves will weaken, show the material effect on the absorption of sound waves. Opening the foaming material is due to the unique features, and have other materials that the softness, flame resistance and aging resistance, become a new sound-absorbing material.
  4. Low water imbibition: for closed-cell foam material, each bubble hole, coupled with the selected hydrophobic properties of rubber or plastic material, foam material to prevent moisture infiltration, can become the ideal sealing material.
  Five. Flame resistance, strong flame retardant, we will be the foam materials processing, due to the flame retardant performance is superior, can be used for fire protection areas of high demand.
  Six. Buffering characteristics: rubber itself is known as the high elasticity, after the foam rubber is processed into materials, remain modest rebound characteristics, the material is very suitable for used as buffer material, or shockproof materials.

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